Over the last couple of weeks, the Nudura ICF have continued going up at Delta Middle School, with many walls reaching an elevation of approximately 14 feet.

Concrete is pumped into the ICF.

With the walls up that far on the north, east, and west sides, Rocky Mountain Steel is able to begin setting red iron for the decking of the second floor of the middle school addition. The steel goes up quickly, so big changes will be evident in a short time: about two weeks.

A crane places the first piece of red iron.

Before the concrete gets poured into the forms, KGCI places embeds at precise locations. Once the concrete is poured, those embeds are anchored in the concrete. The steel is then welded to the embeds to make a structurally sound base for the second floor.

KGCI welds embeds ahead of a concrete pour.
The embed is placed in the insulated concrete forms and then concrete is poured into the forms. Structural steel is then welded to the embeds.

Once the decking is in place, the footprint of the second floor will be visible.

Red lines show where the steel will be placed.

After the steel is set, the concrete slab will be poured for the second floor, and the Nudura ICF will continue to go vertical to make those second story walls.

Scaffolding awaits assembly for work at higher elevations.