Heavy Civil Projects

Fruitgrowers Dam Outlet Gate Improvements

Location: Austin, CO
Owner/Designer: OCID/Bureau of Reclamation
Cost: $698,351.97
Projected Completion: March 2024

North Fork High School Field Entry

Location: Hotchkiss, CO
Owner/Designer: Delta County School District
Cost: $774,505.28
Completion: September 2022

Ridgway Reservoir Spillway Fish Screen

Location: Ridgway, CO
Owner/Designer: US Bureau of Reclamation
Cost: $1,619,931.53
Completion: February 2022

Canyon Creek Culvert Fish Passage Retrofit

Location: New Castle, CO
Owner/Designer: Trout Unlimited/ Wright Water Engineers
Cost: $136,136.00
Completion: December 2021

Hamilton Road Water Main Replacement

Location: Cedaredge, CO
Owner/Designer: Town of Orchard City
Cost: $282,470.00
Completion: November 2021

Delta County School District Bus Barn

Location: Delta, CO
Owner/Designer: Delta County School District
Cost: $685,442.00
Completion: September 2021

Hotchkiss NFH Sand Settling Basin Modification

Location: Hotchkiss, CO
Owner/Designer: US Fish & Wildlife Service
Cost: $377,711.96
Completion: August 2020

Cedaredge High School Road Alteration

Location: Cedaredge, CO
Owner/Designer: Delta County School District
Cost: $600,000.00
Completion: August 2018

Elk Creek Fish Bypass Channel

Location: Newcastle, CO
Owner/Designer: Trout Unlimited
Cost: $131,813.95
Completion: April 2018

OMID Regulating Reservoir

Location: Grand Junction, CO
Owner/Designer: OMID/Bureau of Reclamation
Cost: $8,655,578.45
Completion: May 2017

Spadafora Well Pad

Location: above Somerset, CO
Owner: Gunnison Energy
Cost: $222,545.00
Completion: September 2016

SH133 Paonia Reservoir Rockfall Mitigation

Location: HWY 133 MM 24 near Somerset, CO
Owner/Designer: CDOT
Cost: $2,619,485.63
Completion: May 2016

Gore Canyon Whitewater Feature at Pumphouse

Location: Kremmling, CO
Owner/Designer: Grand County/River Restoration
Cost: $866,224.00
Completion: March 2015

Neal Subdivision Sewer Line

Location: Olathe, CO
Owner/Designer: Town of Olathe
Cost: $330,391.00
Completion: March 2014

RFTA Multiple Facility Concrete Demolition, Removal, and Hauling

Location: Carbondale, Basalt, Aspen, CO
Owner/Designer: Roaring Fork Transit Authority
Cost: $70,834.00
Completion: December 2013

Horsethief Canyon Native Fish Facility

Location: Fruita, CO
Owner/Designer: Bureau of Reclamation
Cost: $5,367,844.00
Completion: November 2012

Hartland Diversion Dam and Whitewater Park

Location: Delta, CO
Owner/Designer: Painted Sky RCD/Merrick Engineers
Cost: $1,795,658.00
Completion: March 2012

Price-Stubb Diversion Dam and Fish Passage

Location: Palisade, CO
Owner/Designer: Bureau of Reclamation
Cost: $9,761,735.88
Completion: May 2008

Fish Screen Facility at Redlands Power Canal

Location: Grand Junction, CO
Owner/Designer: Bureau of Reclamation
Cost: $5,025,066.00
Completion: July 2005

Grand Valley Diversion Dam and Fish Passage

Location: Cameo, CO
Owner/Designer: Bureau of Reclamation
Cost: $4,778,022.00
Completion: July 2004

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