Fish Screen Facility at Redlands Power Canal

  • Location: Grand Junction, CO
  • Owner/Designer: Bureau of Reclamation
  • Cost:¬†$5,025,066.00
  • Completion: July 2005


The Redlands Fish Screen Facility was constructed¬† to divert fish from coming into the canal systems of Grand Junction. The screens divert the fish through a 1,000 foot long, 36″ diameter pipe. The project included:

  • 42,000 CY of excavation
  • Placement of 2,225 CY of riprap
  • 2,170 CY of cast-in-place concrete

Fish screens, adjustable baffles, a hydraulic trashrake, hoisting equipment and radial gates were installed to work in sequence to allow for safe and easy export of fish from the canal system back into the Gunnison River.

Completed gate system.

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