Fire Mitigation

KGCI performs tree mitigation utilizing a Linkbelt 245 with hydro ax attachment. Using the excavator is the most precise and efficient way to perform mastication.  Thanks to the 30′ reach of the excavator arm, mastication can be completed accurately and quickly with less tread over the ground.  In addition, the hydro ax mulches the wood, thereby leaving the landscape looking nice and clean without leftover sticks and chunks of wood. KGCI also has a Terex PT 120 skid steer with a fecon hydro ax attachment, a brush hog, and a rake attachment to use as needed.

Fire Mitigation

Aspen Sky Ranch Tree Remediation

Location: Cedaredge, CO
Owner: Aspen Sky Properties, LLC
Completion: Ongoing

Fire Mitigation

Boyle Residence Tree Remediation

Location: Ridgway, CO
Owner: Chris Boyle
Cost: $4,120.00
Completion: August 2020


Conley Residence Tree Remediation

Location: Ridgway, CO
Owner: Eric Conley
Cost: $14,510.00
Completion: July 2020

Sanborn Park Road Property Clearing

Location: Ridgway, CO
Owner: Snipps Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.
Cost: $2,320.00
Completion: September 2018

Nolan Kissner Residence

Location: Cedaredge, CO
Owner: Nolan Kissner
Cost: $2,000.00
Completion: February 2018

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