Canyon Creek Culvert Fish Passage Retrofit

  • Location: New Castle, CO
  • Owner/Designer: Trout Unlimited/Wright Water Engineers
  • Cost: $136,136.00
  • Project Completion: December 2021


The Canyon Creek Fish Passage project was constructed due to the Brown Trout that navigate this creek having trouble migrating upstream. This 300-foot long, 9×9′ culvert passes beneath Interstate 70, about 50 yards from the Colorado River. The existing passage was dilapidated, and the force of the water through the culvert without any breaks in flow to allow the fish to rest while swimming upstream was resulting in a reduction of the trout population throughout the creek due to the trout’s inability to properly spawn upstream. As Prime Contractor, Kissner G.C. completely removed what remained of the existing passage and installed (178) 12″ half spheres with a (#5) 9″ rebar dowel installed during the casting process, as well as (117) 18″ spheres and (24) 8′ long precast baffles.

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