Grand Valley Diversion Dam & Fish Passage

  • Location: Cameo, CO
  • Owner/Designer:¬†Bureau of Reclamation
  • Cost: $4,778,022.00
  • Completion: July 2004


The Grand Valley Diversion Dam project, located along the Colorado River and I-70 in DeBeque Canyon, began by removing a major section of the existing 18′ tall x 30′ wide roller dam structure. 7,700 SF of sheet pile was installed and over 8,500 CY of material was excavated to prep for 2,800 CY of cast-in-place concrete to construct the 32′ tall and 1’6″ minimum – 4′ maximum wide diversion and channel structure. Attached to the inside of the concrete structure are epoxy coated steel baffles that were strategically placed throughout each row. The ladder is sloped at a 2% grade so fish are able to easily navigate upstream in order to spawn.¬†

Downstream view of the completed project.

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