Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Here’s the latest construction updates (and time lapse video!) on the Delta Middle School addition.

Concrete: The concrete walls are completely poured. A group of Delta Middle School students got to pitch in and help pour concrete around the DOAS (dedicated outdoor air system) units. They did a great job and even signed their work.

Kissner GC, Inc.

Up next: Pour the delivery yard and the parking lot.

Framing: KGCI has finished framing the first floor and the drywall is starting to go up. Now KGCI is working on framing out the second floor classrooms.

Roofing: The steel decking is set for the second floor roof, and now the TPO roofing is being installed. Notice that the new roof is white; the TPO roofing is reflective and highly energy efficient.

MEP: The mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems are getting laid out on both floors. Plumbing and electrical inspections are coming soon.

Installed ductwork is covered to keep the ducts clean and maintain indoor air quality once the building is complete.

A lot is happening within these walls! Watch how quickly the building has changed since February in this time lapse video (3:42).