Hotchkiss K-8 HVAC Remodel

  • Location: Hotchkiss, CO
  • Owner: Delta County School District
  • Cost: $1,158,726.65
  • Projected Completion: summer 2024


This project interior HVAC renovation and the erection of structural steel for a new DOAS unit. KGCI cleared and graded the exterior area for foundation work and oversaw the installation of micropiles, structural reinforcement, pile caps, and pedestals with embeds. KGCI backfilled and compacted around the pile caps. KGCI also performed demolition and removal of the existing exterior C-channel and soffit material, removal of existing windows, and demolition and removal of existing interior finishes required for the installation of new piping, heat pumps, the electrical system, and lighting fixtures.

KGCI coordinated and managed the erection of the structural steel, the installation of the exterior soffit, interior and exterior framing, the installation of interior and exterior blocking/backing, and the installation of thermal protection and exterior finishes. Finally, the project concluded with the installation of the new DOAS and Condensing unit, installation of new storefront windows and interior finishes.

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