Watercraft ANS Decontamination Facility at Vallecito Reservoir

  • Location: Bayfield, CO
  • Owner/Designer: Bureau of Reclamation
  • Cost: $777,223.31
  • Project Completion: May 2023


This project consisted of the following:

  • Removal of existing restroom and parking slab
  • Placing cast-in-place concrete for the ANS Decontamination Equipment and Restroom Building, the wash pad, the propane tank slab, and the accessible parking slab and sidewalk
  • Furnishing and installing a precast manhole
  • Constructing an ANS Decontamination Equipment and Restroom Building
  • Furnishing and installing watercraft decontamination equipment
  • Providing required utilities for the new building
  • Connecting the new building to the existing water and sewer systems

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