Ridgway Reservoir Spillway Fish Screen

  • Location: Ridgway, CO
  • Owner/Designer: Bureau of Reclamation
  • Cost: $1,619,931.53
  • Project Completion: February 2022


The Ridgway Reservoir Spillway Fish Screen was designed by the Bureau of Reclamation to keep invasive fish species out of the existing spillway structure and in the reservoir, thereby protecting the gold medal trout waters of the Uncompahgre River. The project consisted of removal of 120′ of cable guardrail to gain access to the construction area, removal of 1,160 CY of existing 2′-8′ diameter riprap and boulders, processing/cleaning and replacement of 800 CY of riprap, grading and compaction of existing subgrade for the structure, placement of 4′ thick cast-in-place concrete foundation around the exsting structure, (10) 14′ tall concrete buttresses, 14′ tall concrete abutment attached to the existing shotcrete cliff wall, and 2 sloped 46′ long concrete dam walls. Overall, 400 CY of 4500 PSI concrete was pumped, placed, and finished to complete the structure along with up to #8 structural reinforcement. The project also included fabrication and installation of hot dipped galvanized columns, beams, and screen frames, fabrication and installation of steel powder coated buoys, HDPE floating debris boom with chain-link skirting, and stainless-steel screens. KGCI also placed 185 tons of chinking material in voids of replaced riprap, as well as 290 CY of 3,000 PSI lean concrete grout at riprap voids for structural integrity around the structure and full time access during construction and for the Colorado Parks and Wildlife and Tri-County Water to maintain the fish screen as needed throughout the year.

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