Beyond the Pale

Here's a history lesson and a construction update for you. Academics befit a school building project, so here goes. Ever wonder where the idiom "beyond the pale" came from? Or what it means for that matter? And (cough cough) what it has to do with construction?...

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Going Vertical

Last week, structural steel columns were placed, and the insulated concrete forms (ICF) started going up to demarcate walls. Now it's much easier to visualize the layout of the middle school addition. In the image above, the architectural drawing overlays an aerial...

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Progressing with Pours

Today's slab pour came in at 80 yards -- the biggest pour for the Delta Middle School addition to date. Rise and shine! It's a great day for a pour. The last slab pour is scheduled for Friday, 1/11. Getting these slabs poured may seem like a long time coming, but...

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Baby, It’s Cold Outside

While middle schoolers are enjoying their last week of winter break, KGCI continues to push forward with the building spite of the cold temperatures.  Rebar is placed at the site of the next slab pour. The cold affects the planned concrete pours due to...

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Building Blocks for our Future

ICF are Legos IRL. KGCI is using ICF, or insulated concrete forms, to build the walls of the Delta Middle School addition. The forms snap together somewhat like Legos. Once the forms are in place, concrete will be poured in order to create a solid concrete core. ...

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